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Disaster restoration, commercial cleaning and carpet and upholstery cleaning for homeowners and commercial clients.

Rainbow International is the UK’s largest Restoration & Commercial Cleaning company, and provides this service through a nationwide network of over 70 branches. Many of the UK’s top insurance companies choose Rainbow International on behalf of their policyholder’s claims as well as commercial organisations. Each and every year, Rainbow is entrusted to visit thousands of homes across the country on behalf of the insurance industry.

So if you require cleaning following a flood, or cleaning following a fire, Rainbow’s branch based in Knaresborough are expert in restoring homes back to pre-incident condition following disasters. Specialist commercial cleaning is also provided to a wide range of commercial and industrial organisations.

Covering Harrogate, Skipton, Bingley & Thirsk including Wharfedale, Nidderdale, Hambleton, Cleveland Hills and more...

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Flood Restoration

Following flood damage, the priority is to return the affected property to its pre-incident condition as quickly as possible, minimising secondary damage with minimum disruption for the customer. Water damage can have serious consequences to the structure and integrity of your property, if the clean up operation is not handled correctly. More about Disaster Restoration...


Fire Restoration

Following smoke or fire damage in the home or at your business premises, the priority is to return the affected property to its pre incident condition as quickly as possible, minimising secondary damage, efficiently, effectively and with the minimum of disruption to the policyholder or customer. More about Disaster Restoration...


Commercial Cleaning

As well as health and hygiene considerations, keeping your premises and property clean and well maintained promotes a positive image to staff, visitors and customers and saves you money by prolonging the working life of your property and fittings. More about Commercial Cleaning...

An introduction in to our company


Fire, Flood, Escape of Water and Accidental Damage Restoration is supplied to many of the UK’s top insurance companies on behalf of their policyholder’s claims, as well as specialist cleaning services to a wide range of commercial and industrial organisations.

Our services are delivered 24 hours a day through a national network of over 70 branches strategically located across the country, providing a local service efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.  Our nationwide network of branches is managed through sophisticated job tracking and claims management software at our Head office based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, where resources can be easily managed and transferred whenever necessary.

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